These are going to show back up again with the rest of Miss Best's Bachelorette post but I was too impatient excited to share to wait. Oh what gets me going is so nerdy.

Plus it's now Summer time so who ISN'T thinking about lip balm?!


I bought chapsticks for everyone Miami bound for the Bachelorette.

Peeled off of the label.

Pulled Microsoft WORD [fancy] on my mac and printed everyone's names on a clear mailing label. I actually printed at the place formerly known as Kinkos because my apartment is too tiny for extravagances like printers.

Slapped those stickers on the chapsticks! 
[Trim the edges to fit]
P.S. The "Broadway" is a super close [free font] to the MIAMI VICE font. 

Hey guys... 

Do I need a manicure? 

And Miami VICE viola! Custom Chapsticks for the Best Bachelorette! 

Now I have go finish off the rest of the crew's! 

Hope everyone is kickin' off Summer by soaking up lots of sunshine and keeping those kissers moisturized.


90 percent of the time I feel like I am NOT nailing it.

I woke up with a bunch of things I needed to do and an abundance of anxiety.

So I decided to make my DesignBuilder/Bestie/ExBoyfriend/Boss a card.

Because that's what I do when I am avoiding being a grown up.

Cards. Make. Me. Happy. 

So I made that Design Builder a card and used a real nail and my vintage Dymo label maker! Oh man you guys that Dymo gets me going and now I'm going to do adult things like pick up my dry cleaning and pay my health insurance. 

Hope you all are nailing it. I know you are. 


I love a little danger in my life so I do things like craft with a crappy kitchen knife. 

Baby sis walked on me doing this and didn't bat an eye. 

My friend Van is a great guy who likes all things comic so I wrapped his birthday gift like Clark Kent with a superman surprise inside.


 Superman wrap for a super fan and super guy Van.  

Although Clark and I live on the edge, I must invest in an exacto knife. We all know I'm a spazz who shouldn't be allowed to craft with crappy kitchen cutlery. 
Hooray for not chopping off a digit! 

I was in back in Cali for the holiday to avoid being disowned by my mother enjoy the warm weather with family.

Last year I made this little easter basket and this year hmmm and hawed over what to make.

Luckily for my parents [me] most of my craft crap is in their garage. I wanted an easy DIY that wouldn't make too much of a mess.

I love seeing what other crafty bloggers are doing so I did a take on the talented oh happy day's great little bunny bag idea.
Tutorial in the link.
They went to all the Californian kiddos in my life.

I filled them with Annie's Graham Cracker Bunnies.

Happy Easter Everyone! 


It was time for Tiffany's little birthday bash and because the only person who rocks a red lip more often than Tiffany is Taylor Swift... we went with that idea and ran with it.

Meg and  Ry threw the party...I just interjected some ideas and crafts. It was a little last minute [sh!] so everything came from our second favorite local party store or Amazon

Our favorite party store burned down in the Village a few years ago and we were pretty devastated. Thankfully no one was harmed but the excellent selection of party crap didn't make it out in time. We've evolved into amazon priming party animals. 

We ordered up some red lip balloons:

And I decorated my coffee because I literally thought the lyric was to all my "Starbucks Lovers". [I am NOT alone in this]
Party Favors to wipe your eyes if you cry because you've got a blank space.
Or because you're older and less successful than this little one...

Meg had a great idea for lipstick messages on the bathroom mirrors and I cut lips out of construction paper for some fun straw sipping. 

Pretty easy party idea, right? B.Y. O. Kennedy and high waisted bikini bottom.

Happy Taylor Swifty Birthday Tiff! Shake off 27 and bring on 28! 


Christmas Eve morning, Larry presented Corie a box of Dom Perignon knowing she would immediately want to pop that bubbly and begin the celebration. 

To Corie's surprise, she opened the box to reveal a little box of major engagement ring bling. 

A pretty sweet and chill [ed] proposal for an equally sweet and chill couple. 

Corie is kind, clever, crazy funny and incredibly compassionate. She is also the most laid back person I know. 

In the group text of her new rock, she exclaimed "I'm going to be the biggest Bridezilla ever. And it is going to be awesome".

It is Corie. IT IS.  

I made her this card to go with her new attitude and wrapped up a little Chanel "Vamp" nail polish so that her new nightmare bride nails can always be manicured.

Not only does VAMP go along with my card theme but it reminds me of the time Corie and I were getting our nails done before we boarded our flight to the Bahamas for Meg's wedding. 

 Charissa Thompson, Me and Miss Corie Best
Corie thought dark nails would look great with our gold gowns. She was right, but first cardinal rule of bridesmaidsing, you'd don't go rouge with nail color. 

Meg wasn't answering her phone so we did what any good bridesmaid would do and tracked her down.  The spa paged Meg out of her pre wedding weekend appointment so we could ask her approval. Poor Meg was out of breath and panicked when she answered the call at the landline at Bliss because she was worried it was an emergency.

I mean, it was an emergency.

Of course Meg was completely on board with it and totally appreciated  our tenacity in asking.

The only shot of the nails. And my subtle arm accessories. 

So then yesterday... THIS happened. 
Champagne creativity? Get outta here! BEST. EVER. 

Corie! I am SO excited and honored to be your bridesmaid. Let the Bridal festivities commence!


Valentine's Day can get a little rocky. Not that I would know from an experience last year or anything.


You Rock My World.  

Happy Valentine's Day, my Pets. 

Fifty Shades of Grey... pet happy heart rocks.

You know what is not cost effective? Mailing ROCKS. I hope they arrive by the Fourth of July. 

I wish you all a rock star Valentine's Day!

My first Valentine and my favorite Tequila Valentine. And last year's too. 


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