My mother banned glitter from the house after I made myself into a life size disco ball for cheer camp sophomore year. 

Like any normal [I was not normal] teenager, I continued to glitter behind my parents back. My love affair with the glitter [ and apparently disco balls ] is still going strong. I even managed to sneak it back into the parent's pad 15 years later.

The Holiday card this year:

I swear I was cool in high school...

Happy New Year! Hope after that big 'ol disco ball drops you have a kick ass 2012! 

*No, I am not pigeon toed. Yes, I glittered my shoes too.
**Glitter is not photogenic. Must learn to take better pictures of my love!


I am fairly [extremely] high energy. I prefer to say productive. And I used to be terrible at the shut eye. As Liv Tyler says in Empire Records:

"There are 24 usable hours in everyday"    

It was my motto.

In 2011, I taught myself to sleep. I got really good at it. Scheduled my 8 hours and stuck to it. Riiiight up until this week. I pretty much crafted/wrapped/stamped/knit my way through the night. Painted then glittered my gifts.

The next night, thought about re-wrapping and re-doing.

 I slapped the craft glue out of my hand and shook some sense into myself. Sorta. 
So. hard. to. let. it. go...

Happy Happy Holidays! May your days be merry, bright and you sleep tight at night. Now... it's tamale time!


I am lucky. I love my Office job. I work with the most beautiful, talented, fashionable and funny women. For Holiday gifts this year,I got each of the wonderful women I work with an ESSIE polish with a name and a color to suit their personality.
It was so fun picking them out! 

  For in house seamstress Jasmine...

 For Whitney who moonlights as the designer of the gorgeous lingerie line, Good Night Gilda...
For the most stylish mama, Sabrina...

For Maeve who's fantastic and French and collects vintage cars. Including a... 

For the BOSS. Carolyn wore a cashmere sweater to work that said: I heart Cashmere. She plans on snowing her house for her Christmas party. She is awesome and amazing. Carolyn makes magic happen on the big screen, on your flat screen and at her fabulous home in Los Angeles. 

 And for the designer herself. Artistically amazing, Alysia...
Happy Holidays, Ladies. Thank you for making each day delightful.


I have loads to be thankful for. Although my least favorite food holiday... I am overflowing with gratitude for family, friends and an opportunity to craft.

This year I was in charge of: the kids table, cookies and pumpkin praline pie. Little nervous about the pie.

The turkey is from the Master, Martha. 

Pumpkin Praline Pie. Annie gave e the recipe, found here! 
Her great grandmother won a Pillsbury Pie Prize in 1933!

Annie's cookies. Per Baby Sis request.

No thanksgiving cookie cutter? Get it together, Courtney!

I'm Uncle Buddy. I'm a wise guy.
[Uncle Buddy is my brother-in-law]
Art work by Sam, 6.

I am so thankful for my beautiful family and incredible friends. That's it. That's all I got. But it's a lot.


Or one. Whatevs!

My break up cards are being sold in Kat Von D's boutique:

I'm going to share with you something that you already know. 

I. love. making. cards.

So I've launched Supreme Courtney Correspondence. 
I use launch very loosely. 
Original Break Up Card Post found here!

Thanks Kat McPhee for making my dream come true! 


I live in Los Angeles.

And I was commissioned to wrap a Lone Ranger inspired gift for someone VERI-IMPORTANT.

So basically, I'm like best friends with Johnny Depp.

Verbinski? VERY excited.
  Double air kiss, Kemosabe...


I love a last minute challenge.


I have a little obsession with my monogram. I tend to slap that sucker on everything. I love it.

I also love my friend Graham. He is the best. Smart, thoughtful, funny and excellent at accents. Actors.

Graham recently moved from New York to Los Angeles because I told him to.

Graham is lovin' Los Angeles. And I am lovin' that he has FOUR (4!) initials in his monogram. So when he ran off to play a soccer game...I decorated his new digs. And I painted this bad boy on his bedroom wall. 
He was worried it would look egotistical. 
I told him not to worry... it will be subtle. 

Heh. Heh. Heh. 
Silly Graham, nothing about me says subtle.

Welcome, G! Los Angeles is lucky to have you.


My mother is quite the party planner. Move it over Mindy Weiss.

As crazy creative as my mother is, she hates to even walk into Michaels Arts and Crafts. Says it makes her anxious
Michaels. Is. My. Mecca.
Mom threw Gram and Aunt Wanee a joint 80th/50th birthday brunch.
I did these suckers...

Baby Sis swiped a sip from the birthday glass...

We grew up watching Saturday Night Live with Wanee.
[when we were way too young, ahem]
 I pretty much spent the entire party whispering into Wanee's ear.
"I'm 50! 5-Oh!"
Complete with Sally O'Malley swift leg kick. 


Although not a craft, I am making something. My project at the moment is a documentary. And we are shootin' in Scotland.

Me, producing a documentary. Extremely professional. I know.

 Little better?

Our Cinematographer Kelly is also a Transformer. 
She turns into Black Hawk Helicopter.

I have worn every one of my shoe choices. 
Thank you, Scotland in the Summer.

The documentary follows American actor/comedian Tom Lenk as he takes his one man show to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. 

I have known and worked with Tom Lenk for 20 years. 
So we met when I was...a fetus. 

I have loved every second of shooting in Scotland.

Now get me home to some SoCal sunshine. STAT.


Annie over at Apres Fete and I threw a little baby shower for Amy over at BBB.

I'm convinced that baby will come out knitting better than I can. 

The Invitation:

Stork dropped it off. 

Tucked inside the baby bundle...

Annie orchestrated games and had friends and family "decorate" a onesie. 
A few pressies... mostly from my mom. Ahem. Burberry.

Annie's famous cookies.
I have cookie cutters coming out of my ears. 
All inappropriate for a baby shower.
Champagne flute...Patron bottle...Shark....

Congratulations Amy! Love you and "Pinecone Jones" 

For the record. I can't have a child... I am still one myself!


I hope your computer is sweating with my sarcasm.

There are greeting cards for engagements, bridal showers, bachelorettes, weddings, anniversaries... you know, LOVE.

I've conjured up a few cards for a little somethin' I know a bit about. Break ups.

Whateva. I will crush you.

To send to the jack ass who jerked you around...

To the selfish S.O.B. who doesn't deserve you... 

To the dolt who doesn't know what he's got...


And to give your gal pal!
When she makes a bad choice but is still sad about it...

Have her raise her standards... 

Simply a good point...

And although so good... pick up the Pink and 

This is just the beginning.


OH. I have joined the Twitter. And I LOVE it. @SuprmeCourtney


I threw a Quinceneara for myself. Because I've always wanted one. 

 Dad pouring the tequila and passing out the Cerveza!

He asked my permission to wear that hat. Hilarious.

So, I have a friend, who's... famous. And she got me a donkey.

Such an ass. Just my type.


Thank YOU, Charissa Thompson!

Court's Court. All the chicas!  

 Ivy's stealth steady hand frosted the famous cookies. 
Girl shoulda been a surgeon! 
Gracias Ania and Ivy! 

Katie & Churro

Muchos Gracias, Mi Amigos. I am now of marrying age.

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