My dad likes to joke I majored in Underwater Basket Weaving in college.

So on my recent trip to Fiji you can imagine how excited I was to see Basket Weaving on the activities list! 

My new crafting room: 

 Basket Weaving attendees: Hannah (age 6), Luke (age 4) and me!

I had to BEG them to let me participate. 
Apparently it was more of a showing, not an instruction.

No, I promise, I can do this. I'll be good. It's ok.

You. Watch. 

No! You do, I'll watch and figure it out and follow along and weave with you. 

(starting the basket)
See? Me.

After a lot of minutes, I convinced Nagu to let me weave.

 Inspired by Bottega Venetta. 

My basket, laying out... getting a tan.


 I carried it around proudly as a purse.

I made two pinwheels for friends to take home to their kids! Fiji is not exactly known for it's shopping.

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