Hearts are uggggly.

They race, they're reckless and can attack at any moment.

My friends have the best and biggest of hearts. So I'm convinced their hearts look like hot pink peonies. 

Ania's Birthday Treat

If Ania told me to jump off a bridge, I would. Because she would be right. Ania is kind, smart, funny and has real life Victoria's Secret Model Hair. Come ON!
Annie's Birthday Treat

Annie has everything. Looks. Talent. Taste. And then I found out she was doing her Tracy Anderson arms with soup cans! Annie's insight and advice is more helpful than Tracy and her 2 lb weights.

I'm going to get some calls/texts/eggs thrown at my duplex saying... WHAT THE HELL? WHAT ABOUT ME? 

These gals just had recent birthdays!

 ALL MY FRIENDS have hot pink peony hearts. I'm a lucky gal. I KNOW.

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  1. ok...digging your blog. very very much. you've got genius content. i mean it. going back to look more...

    FIJI?! lucky. xoxo.

    {and your roomie is not amused by me?! ugh. he must know my husband!}



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