Annie over at Apres Fete and I threw a little baby shower for Amy over at BBB.

I'm convinced that baby will come out knitting better than I can. 

The Invitation:

Stork dropped it off. 

Tucked inside the baby bundle...

Annie orchestrated games and had friends and family "decorate" a onesie. 
A few pressies... mostly from my mom. Ahem. Burberry.

Annie's famous cookies.
I have cookie cutters coming out of my ears. 
All inappropriate for a baby shower.
Champagne flute...Patron bottle...Shark....

Congratulations Amy! Love you and "Pinecone Jones" 

For the record. I can't have a child... I am still one myself!


I hope your computer is sweating with my sarcasm.

There are greeting cards for engagements, bridal showers, bachelorettes, weddings, anniversaries... you know, LOVE.

I've conjured up a few cards for a little somethin' I know a bit about. Break ups.

Whateva. I will crush you.

To send to the jack ass who jerked you around...

To the selfish S.O.B. who doesn't deserve you... 

To the dolt who doesn't know what he's got...


And to give your gal pal!
When she makes a bad choice but is still sad about it...

Have her raise her standards... 

Simply a good point...

And although so good... pick up the Pink and 

This is just the beginning.


OH. I have joined the Twitter. And I LOVE it. @SuprmeCourtney


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