I have a little obsession with my monogram. I tend to slap that sucker on everything. I love it.

I also love my friend Graham. He is the best. Smart, thoughtful, funny and excellent at accents. Actors.

Graham recently moved from New York to Los Angeles because I told him to.

Graham is lovin' Los Angeles. And I am lovin' that he has FOUR (4!) initials in his monogram. So when he ran off to play a soccer game...I decorated his new digs. And I painted this bad boy on his bedroom wall. 
He was worried it would look egotistical. 
I told him not to worry... it will be subtle. 

Heh. Heh. Heh. 
Silly Graham, nothing about me says subtle.

Welcome, G! Los Angeles is lucky to have you.


My mother is quite the party planner. Move it over Mindy Weiss.

As crazy creative as my mother is, she hates to even walk into Michaels Arts and Crafts. Says it makes her anxious
Michaels. Is. My. Mecca.
Mom threw Gram and Aunt Wanee a joint 80th/50th birthday brunch.
I did these suckers...

Baby Sis swiped a sip from the birthday glass...

We grew up watching Saturday Night Live with Wanee.
[when we were way too young, ahem]
 I pretty much spent the entire party whispering into Wanee's ear.
"I'm 50! 5-Oh!"
Complete with Sally O'Malley swift leg kick. 


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