I have loads to be thankful for. Although my least favorite food holiday... I am overflowing with gratitude for family, friends and an opportunity to craft.

This year I was in charge of: the kids table, cookies and pumpkin praline pie. Little nervous about the pie.

The turkey is from the Master, Martha. 

Pumpkin Praline Pie. Annie gave e the recipe, found here! 
Her great grandmother won a Pillsbury Pie Prize in 1933!

Annie's cookies. Per Baby Sis request.

No thanksgiving cookie cutter? Get it together, Courtney!

I'm Uncle Buddy. I'm a wise guy.
[Uncle Buddy is my brother-in-law]
Art work by Sam, 6.

I am so thankful for my beautiful family and incredible friends. That's it. That's all I got. But it's a lot.


  1. This makes me want to have kids--just so you will set the kids' table. How did you make that turkey?! Insane. I am grateful for you!

  2. Grocery bag flipped inside out, 2 lunch bags and a LOT of popcorn! I'm thankful for you, Annie! Otherwise I'd still be scared of the kitchen!



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