I am fairly [extremely] high energy. I prefer to say productive. And I used to be terrible at the shut eye. As Liv Tyler says in Empire Records:

"There are 24 usable hours in everyday"    

It was my motto.

In 2011, I taught myself to sleep. I got really good at it. Scheduled my 8 hours and stuck to it. Riiiight up until this week. I pretty much crafted/wrapped/stamped/knit my way through the night. Painted then glittered my gifts.

The next night, thought about re-wrapping and re-doing.

 I slapped the craft glue out of my hand and shook some sense into myself. Sorta. 
So. hard. to. let. it. go...

Happy Happy Holidays! May your days be merry, bright and you sleep tight at night. Now... it's tamale time!

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