I wish all my family, friends, blog readers and internet peruse-ers Merry Christmas! 

This year I wrapped in emerald green paper and ripped velvet ribbons.... 

                    Sorry for the poor picture.

PS... Ripping velvet sheds. Everywhere. 

Merry Merry! 


My wonderful friend Whitney at The Office walked right into her Hannukah gift this year by requesting my cookies [ANNIE'S} last week. 

                   All a great gal wants is gelt.
I put the gelt inspired cookies in a jar and tied it up with vintage navy velvet and lace ribbons.

I also gave her a history lesson about her own religion from facts I read on the internet.

Happy Hanukkah Whit! Thanks for making my days bright like your lit up Hanukiah.


Last year's thanksgiving was full of fun for the little ones but this year was all adult. This year, the only thing I made for t.day was brussel sprouts with bacon. 

[and some snide remarks]

I did make Katie's rehearsal bouquet out of her bridal shower ribbons. I made the ribbons into flowers then assembled it in a bouquet.

And should I have just shoved them through a paper plate? 


But my labor of love was so appreciated by the beautiful bride it was well worth it. 

I am so thankful for my amazing family and friends who are full of laughter. Thankful to celebrate the only couple I've set up with a wonderful wedding weekend [welcome] and thankful for my major scores at Margiela for H&M.


I often wonder what I'm going to blog about when my friends are all married off. 

You still have a boat load of lovely friends to go. 

Katie and Nick had an "Around the Clock" couples shower!

No matter what time I was appointed I was going to get their champagne flutes. 
Because really, it's never to early to bust out the bubbly. 

I got 11:00 AM.

Bingo. Brunch. 
Congrats Katie and Nick! When I come to your house I'm going to bring a plastic sippy cup.

God knows I don't trust myself with all your Waterford.


When both brides Gretchen and Katie made my hangover helpers for their wedding welcome packages, I decided the little guy deserved it's own post. 

It's a little party favor to help you from feeling like this:

Oh, hey Ed. 

Gatorade? Check. 
Advil? Check. 
Mc Donald's Egg Mc Muffin? You're on your own. 

I  debuted them at my 30th birthday backyard drunkfest sophisticated party.

I did them again for Katie's Bachelorette
[because they went so well with the decor!]

Now, if only they could drive thru In and Out and order a double double for you.


I am still boasting and bragging that I set Nick and Katie up.

Nick is basically the brother that I've always wanted. And he is the best faux bro a girl could ask for. 

So you can imagine I'm pretty bummed that I don't get to go to his Santa Barbara Bachelor Camp Out.

I get it. I'm a GIRL. 

I wrapped up one Rooski's favorite brewskis and some wilderness essentials to send along with the BOYS. 

And made a "MR" Marshmellow roaster.

When I stopped by to drop it off, I was only more depressed and impressed. They really did it right. Including custom engraved Guinness glasses. Holy S'mores so creative! 

Nick, so excited for you. You're going to have the BEST time! I can't wait for two of my favorite people to get hitched!


Two of my favorite people on the planet are engaged. Oh! How lucky! Who set them up? I did. Me. Yes. You're welcome. 

Katie had her bachelorette party in Palm Springs and it was a BLAST. 

 Our hotel was quite colorful... 

A little in room groom decor!

Rooski is one of Nick's ka-gillion NICKnames

I had custom crazy straws made that said Katie and Nick! 

And made Katie's to say Bride... in case she forgot.

To shade her eyes from her blinding bling made her a Mrs. Hat...

 The trusty 'ol traditional headband too!  

Isn't she the most beautiful bride?!

America's Next Top Bachelorette... I smell a hit.

Hangover helpers came in handy! 

Happy Bachelorette Katie. What a wonderful weekend with a wildly great group of girls! Can't wait for the wedding! 


I've been feeling like my posts have been so ho hum lately.

Good thing Big Sis had to go and bust out a BABY!

I went with Bro In Law's favorite thing as my baby shower theme...

Baby Batman Card:


Bruce Wayne inspired onesies: 

Custom Batman Nursing Gown: 

She's lucky I didn't make it with a cape.

Uh oh. Looks like we have a Superman instead...

Congrats Big Sis! Love this lil guy so much! 


When I think of my friend Corie Best I think of this:


A bright and beachy sunset. 

 Miss Best is witty, wonderful and beautifully beachy. So it
  was fitting that my precious pal celebrated her big birthday poolside in Los Angeles.


I wrapped up a magnum of bubbly in a bright beachy scarf and tied some lovely little hair ties on top.

And rolled up some fine literature to accompany the pool... and the Patron.

 Welcome to club, Corie! I'm lucky to have such a fun, fabulous and fashionable friend. XO


I usually show up to Manhattan Meg's prepared to craft. I'm usually put right to work and I'm happy about that.

Meg informed me we were going to throw a birthday BBQ for Michael  at Kelly and Dave's.  And that since Michael is a Kiwi, Kelly suggested a Lord of the Rings theme. 

What 43 year old man doesn't want a Lord of The Rings birthday party? 

I offered to make some paper chains... cuz... you know, they are rings?  

And then I made little Henry a little paper Gandalf beard because I like to overachieve.  

What amazes me about Meg is that she can take a not so chic/cute/craft friendly idea and make it look incredible. It was a beautiful party at Kelly and Dave's spectacular house in Sag, delicious food and Meg's creative touches. The classiest Lord of the Rings party I've ever attended.

Happy Birthday Michael!


My best friend Meg is smart, sarcastic, chic and all things Manhattan. 

Meg is also incredibly creative and crafty.

We would wake up at 5:30AM in college to be at Moskatel's right when the doors opened. 
[Took me awhile find a pic that wasn't majorly mortifying. However, my scarf is attached to my sweater]

Meg's most coveted crafting weapon is her hot glue gun.

Senior year in our bungalow, Meg hot glued her Ikea Lindmon wooden blinds in her bedroom windows after her Dewalt failed her. She also hot glued ribbons to her legs for her costume for our 20th birthday bash. Which we rented out a bar for. Note, 20th.

So I made her this little gag gift for her birthday...

And framed a pic of her hailing a taxi with Michael on a beautiful Manhattan evening. 


I also threw in a little something in a little orange box! 

Happy birthday Meg. This post pales in comparison to how amazing you are. I love you and thank you for making me laugh, making me craft and whole lotta "adventures" over the last ten years.

FANCY FRIENDS [part duex]

My friends Jen and Van just moved into one of Joni Mitchell's old homes. [FANCY]

I wrapped up a house warming gift for this delectable couple in a little 'ol box that resembles little 'ol house in the hills!

Thank YOU, Container Store.

A set of Le Crueset mugs and some Starbucks stuffed with the Sunday Los Angeles Times!

I hope everyone is lucky enough to have a friend like Jen. She's so pretty, so hilarious and put me on stage with Judd Apatow.[Can die happy] 
Jen is that special friend whose undying support makes you motivated to tackle ANYTHING. 

Jen...now all you need are those two cats in the yard!


My mom rocks. And I am most definitely not biased. Big Sis and Lil Sis most definitely agree.

Every single day [for the last THIRTY years] Deb does nice things for me. Crazy nice things that involve food, shopping and designer duds!

Lil' Debbie's Mother's Day gift:

Roses from my garden!

Tucked inbetween the gifts is my fabulous friend Kelly Florio Kasouf's beautiful book! 

I inherited my champagne taste [on a beer budget] from my mother. So it was so fitting to bring her to Kelly's book signing at Fred Segal. Kelly's Sophie in the City is all about dad and daughter...
and designer duds! 

Kelly signing a copy for mom and preggers Big Sis!

Deb. You are the best. I love you with 
 all of my heart. You are funny and fantastic. Kind and refined. You make me the happiest middle sis.
 BIG kiss.

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