My mom rocks. And I am most definitely not biased. Big Sis and Lil Sis most definitely agree.

Every single day [for the last THIRTY years] Deb does nice things for me. Crazy nice things that involve food, shopping and designer duds!

Lil' Debbie's Mother's Day gift:

Roses from my garden!

Tucked inbetween the gifts is my fabulous friend Kelly Florio Kasouf's beautiful book! 

I inherited my champagne taste [on a beer budget] from my mother. So it was so fitting to bring her to Kelly's book signing at Fred Segal. Kelly's Sophie in the City is all about dad and daughter...
and designer duds! 

Kelly signing a copy for mom and preggers Big Sis!

Deb. You are the best. I love you with 
 all of my heart. You are funny and fantastic. Kind and refined. You make me the happiest middle sis.
 BIG kiss.


I have fancy friends. It makes it real easy to buy birthday gifts. 

Jamie is particularly fancy. As soon as he spies something he likes, he buys it for himself. In bulk. And then dips it in GOLD. 

So when he mentioned he couldn't be bothered to hold his cocktail...

I thought: 
Ohhhh noooo! He couldn't possibly!
[bad Maggie Smith impression]


So I got out the spray paint and whipped up this little gem!
 Jamie's love and laughter is infectious. His kindness and generosity never goes unnoticed. I'm a lucky lady to have such a wonderfully fabulous friend!

I cannot wait for him to test drive his champagne helmet. 
He's really needed one for centuries!

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