I usually show up to Manhattan Meg's prepared to craft. I'm usually put right to work and I'm happy about that.

Meg informed me we were going to throw a birthday BBQ for Michael  at Kelly and Dave's.  And that since Michael is a Kiwi, Kelly suggested a Lord of the Rings theme. 

What 43 year old man doesn't want a Lord of The Rings birthday party? 

I offered to make some paper chains... cuz... you know, they are rings?  

And then I made little Henry a little paper Gandalf beard because I like to overachieve.  

What amazes me about Meg is that she can take a not so chic/cute/craft friendly idea and make it look incredible. It was a beautiful party at Kelly and Dave's spectacular house in Sag, delicious food and Meg's creative touches. The classiest Lord of the Rings party I've ever attended.

Happy Birthday Michael!


My best friend Meg is smart, sarcastic, chic and all things Manhattan. 

Meg is also incredibly creative and crafty.

We would wake up at 5:30AM in college to be at Moskatel's right when the doors opened. 
[Took me awhile find a pic that wasn't majorly mortifying. However, my scarf is attached to my sweater]

Meg's most coveted crafting weapon is her hot glue gun.

Senior year in our bungalow, Meg hot glued her Ikea Lindmon wooden blinds in her bedroom windows after her Dewalt failed her. She also hot glued ribbons to her legs for her costume for our 20th birthday bash. Which we rented out a bar for. Note, 20th.

So I made her this little gag gift for her birthday...

And framed a pic of her hailing a taxi with Michael on a beautiful Manhattan evening. 


I also threw in a little something in a little orange box! 

Happy birthday Meg. This post pales in comparison to how amazing you are. I love you and thank you for making me laugh, making me craft and whole lotta "adventures" over the last ten years.


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