I usually show up to Manhattan Meg's prepared to craft. I'm usually put right to work and I'm happy about that.

Meg informed me we were going to throw a birthday BBQ for Michael  at Kelly and Dave's.  And that since Michael is a Kiwi, Kelly suggested a Lord of the Rings theme. 

What 43 year old man doesn't want a Lord of The Rings birthday party? 

I offered to make some paper chains... cuz... you know, they are rings?  

And then I made little Henry a little paper Gandalf beard because I like to overachieve.  

What amazes me about Meg is that she can take a not so chic/cute/craft friendly idea and make it look incredible. It was a beautiful party at Kelly and Dave's spectacular house in Sag, delicious food and Meg's creative touches. The classiest Lord of the Rings party I've ever attended.

Happy Birthday Michael!

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  1. That beard is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E! Haha and those paper chains do look fantastic :)



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