When both brides Gretchen and Katie made my hangover helpers for their wedding welcome packages, I decided the little guy deserved it's own post. 

It's a little party favor to help you from feeling like this:

Oh, hey Ed. 

Gatorade? Check. 
Advil? Check. 
Mc Donald's Egg Mc Muffin? You're on your own. 

I  debuted them at my 30th birthday backyard drunkfest sophisticated party.

I did them again for Katie's Bachelorette
[because they went so well with the decor!]

Now, if only they could drive thru In and Out and order a double double for you.


I am still boasting and bragging that I set Nick and Katie up.

Nick is basically the brother that I've always wanted. And he is the best faux bro a girl could ask for. 

So you can imagine I'm pretty bummed that I don't get to go to his Santa Barbara Bachelor Camp Out.

I get it. I'm a GIRL. 

I wrapped up one Rooski's favorite brewskis and some wilderness essentials to send along with the BOYS. 

And made a "MR" Marshmellow roaster.

When I stopped by to drop it off, I was only more depressed and impressed. They really did it right. Including custom engraved Guinness glasses. Holy S'mores so creative! 

Nick, so excited for you. You're going to have the BEST time! I can't wait for two of my favorite people to get hitched!

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