Happy Holidays to you, beloved blog readers and internet!
I decorated the back of my door.

I hope your day is merry and bright! And my all your Christmases be...

NOT 80 degrees with Santa Ana Winds
[Thanks LA]

Merry Merry! 


One of the most amazing women I know gave birth to a baby girl.
Vonia is gorgeous, hilarious and pretty much one of my favorite people. 

She's also stylish. So I knit her new baby some mittens!

 This beautiful little family lives in a chic borough of Brooklyn and I thought Amelia could help hail some cabs. 

Little black Manhattan mittens with TAXI! stitched on the flip side.


I did not come up with this concept. I stole it from Kate Spade. 
But Kate makes them for grown up ladies. Not babies. 

 Amelia. You are going to have one incredible, fun and full life because your mom is amazing. 


I am FULL of gratitude. For family, friends and my new attitude. I have an abundance of incredible people in my life. Individuals who inspire, support, encourage, challenge and deal with my ass everyday of my little life. And I love them.

I decided I needed to tell these people this right away. 
Via Snail Mail. 

So I sent out some "thankful for you cards". 
 I love leaves.  
  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I am so thankful for you, too!

*New attitude is really relaxed, you guys. Like, so chill.


Halloween makes me happy. I cannot wait to have a kid someday to torture treat them to a homemade Halloween costume. 

My pumpkin this year
Shining bright like a diamond. 

My costume this year with my beautiful friend Brittany.
[who, like my pumpkin, shines bright like a diamond] 

How old is too old to wear a leotard for Halloween?
DO NOT answer that. 

Happy Halloween! I hope yours is safe and festive and full of fun!


I do these for every wedding I'm in but for Meg I made it fancy. 

The no need to panic because we have that, kit. 

The contents.
There are additional items but they did not color coordinate and are not cute so they didn't make the cut for this photo. 
Sorry, Static Guard.

I also bring one, two or three pairs of extra black socks. Groomsmen, I got your back. 

*All black socks brought to all weddings were worn. 


For Meg's Bachelorette we did a champagne crawl through Manhattan in a white stretch limousine

That's right. You heard me.

Meg was given a card with a clue as to where the next bubble stop would be.

  A few champagnes in and the clues suddenly seemed SO hard.  

Notes from friends who are far away/knocked up/have 2 week olds where delivered with a glass of champs for our bride to be.

 And I'm still making the 'ol headbands. 

 No more pics due to the amount of "fun" in the photos.


Bouncing back and forth from LA, NYC, Montreal, Mexico and Seattle on top of being in a big ol' creative rut, I haven't been crafting much. 
Oh. And I've become an addict. I am obsessed with Breaking Bad. [Late to the game? I KNOW]. I powered through all five seasons like a fiend. 

I landed in Los Angeles just in time for the final season's premiere and let me tell you...I was ready to cook.

I baked some Breaking Bad cookies.  

 Bad frosting job due to my unsteady hand. 
[no meth needed]
Aren't my meth cookies cute? 

This batch wasn't my best. I guess Walter White and I work best under pressure. 

I'm not sure what makes me happier.
 These cookies or Bryan Cranston. 
Cranston, Courtney, come on.


What do you do when your chic/creative/fabulous/other half best friend gets engaged?

Panic. Xanax. Savasana.

Due to the luxurious life force that is Meg, the pressure is on.
 In all the best ways.  

A little gift wrap inspired by the rock.

 I made glasses that said MR. & MRS to hold their 
alcoholic beverages.

Meg is champagne all the way and Michael will order a Pinot Noir no matter what time of day, so I did the appropriate drinking vestibules for each.  

Congratulations M & M! Love you lots. LOTS.


Apres Annie decided to have a Gwyneth Paltrow pot luck.

She assigned me the Ginger Peach Iced Tea. 

That's about as offensive as Shallow Hal but I was too tired hot who am I kidding to make/bake anything anyway.

Here is her little hostess gift... an Apple or two.

 I think I might just do some Margot Tenebaum make up to accompany my Ginger Peach cuisine.


Last month, I was contacted by the people at Tombow to do a product review.

Tombow sent me some products to play with and post about. In celebration of Tombow's centennial year, the company would donate $100 in products to the Council for Arts Education.

Here are the goods:

So great, right? 

Middle School was the time of my life. Sixth grade was one of my best years. Truly. Braces had just come off, bigger lockers and school dances. Who could ask for anything more?!

My books and binders were covered in doodles and Stussy signs. I'm pretty sure I scribbled Mrs. Prince William on most of my stuff. 

So! I made a back to school craft with my tools inspired by those good 'ol years. 

 I printed out names in a fun font from my computer. I used the larger end of the Dual Brush Pen to outline the letters and the fine tip to fill them in.
  I filled in the letters with the colored pencils. 
[a subtle detail]

I cut the letters out and used the Stamp Runner Dot Adhesive to adhere them to the school supplies. 

The markers and colored pencils were awesome! Plus I'm a little obsessed with the Stamp Runner. I might be using it...on everything. Also great for gift wrapping! 
Thank you Tombow!


Going to work at The Office everyday for the last two years has been a wonderful experience. 

Quite a few people brightened my days at Dundler Mifflin and not just Jim and Pam.

And I needed to thank them.

I made my thank you notes to resemble the scripts we got every week in order to make television magic.
That's a wrap! So long, Scranton! I'll miss you! 


This last month of work was buuuussy. So I wasn't exactly in the mood to craft anything for Easter.

But I did it anyway because I hate myself.

So I made my nephew a little treat that he can do absolutely nothing with except look at it out of reach.

And I made him some ears. Ahem, burlap is not baby friendly...
Aunt of The Year over here, folks. 

Happy Easter to everyone! Hope yours was filled with bunnies and baskets and love!  XO


The other night I had exactly thirty seconds to change, eat a string cheese and throw Baby Sis in the car for the premiere of my friend Ben's show on Comedy Central.

A billboard. A BILLBOARD, people!

I wanted to bring something but because he is a boy...I didn't want it to look like it was his ballet receital with a bouquet of flowers.

With ten seconds to spare, I decided to make a bite size card for Ben. I cut the card down to fit my mini Paper Source envelope and then Martha Stewart Craft Punched the sh*t out of that little sucker.

I was pretty impressed with my little [last minute] card. But even more impressed with Ben...who is so talented and deserving of his own show! Congrats Ben! 


Baby Sis is 25! Baby Sis doesn't like breakfast but she LOVES her birthday. I woke her up with a little itty bitty birthday cookie cake! 

Happy Birthday Baby Sis! Love you lots!


This year my valentines were inspired by my one of my favorite foods...  


And candies.


I wrapped up some Hot Tamales like a tamale in a little bit of lace!
Tied them up and sent them off. 
Happy Valentine's Day Lovahs! 



Ania and her husband Darren are knocked up and we threw that baby a party. 

I made a garland of twine and tissue paper and tulle. 

Twine...tissue paper... tulle....

Time consuming! 
Finger foods for 60!
[patting myself on the back]

 [i had help]

I wrapped baby's gift with pink babies breath. 

And knit that little nugget a hair bow. 

A big thank you to co-hosts Angela for your beautiful home and India for your many talents including flowers, photos and herriboning those tea sandies. Yay Baby!

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