This last month of work was buuuussy. So I wasn't exactly in the mood to craft anything for Easter.

But I did it anyway because I hate myself.

So I made my nephew a little treat that he can do absolutely nothing with except look at it out of reach.

And I made him some ears. Ahem, burlap is not baby friendly...
Aunt of The Year over here, folks. 

Happy Easter to everyone! Hope yours was filled with bunnies and baskets and love!  XO


The other night I had exactly thirty seconds to change, eat a string cheese and throw Baby Sis in the car for the premiere of my friend Ben's show on Comedy Central.

A billboard. A BILLBOARD, people!

I wanted to bring something but because he is a boy...I didn't want it to look like it was his ballet receital with a bouquet of flowers.

With ten seconds to spare, I decided to make a bite size card for Ben. I cut the card down to fit my mini Paper Source envelope and then Martha Stewart Craft Punched the sh*t out of that little sucker.

I was pretty impressed with my little [last minute] card. But even more impressed with Ben...who is so talented and deserving of his own show! Congrats Ben! 

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