Bouncing back and forth from LA, NYC, Montreal, Mexico and Seattle on top of being in a big ol' creative rut, I haven't been crafting much. 
Oh. And I've become an addict. I am obsessed with Breaking Bad. [Late to the game? I KNOW]. I powered through all five seasons like a fiend. 

I landed in Los Angeles just in time for the final season's premiere and let me tell you...I was ready to cook.

I baked some Breaking Bad cookies.  

 Bad frosting job due to my unsteady hand. 
[no meth needed]
Aren't my meth cookies cute? 

This batch wasn't my best. I guess Walter White and I work best under pressure. 

I'm not sure what makes me happier.
 These cookies or Bryan Cranston. 
Cranston, Courtney, come on.


What do you do when your chic/creative/fabulous/other half best friend gets engaged?

Panic. Xanax. Savasana.

Due to the luxurious life force that is Meg, the pressure is on.
 In all the best ways.  

A little gift wrap inspired by the rock.

 I made glasses that said MR. & MRS to hold their 
alcoholic beverages.

Meg is champagne all the way and Michael will order a Pinot Noir no matter what time of day, so I did the appropriate drinking vestibules for each.  

Congratulations M & M! Love you lots. LOTS.

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