I do these for every wedding I'm in but for Meg I made it fancy. 

The no need to panic because we have that, kit. 

The contents.
There are additional items but they did not color coordinate and are not cute so they didn't make the cut for this photo. 
Sorry, Static Guard.

I also bring one, two or three pairs of extra black socks. Groomsmen, I got your back. 

*All black socks brought to all weddings were worn. 


For Meg's Bachelorette we did a champagne crawl through Manhattan in a white stretch limousine

That's right. You heard me.

Meg was given a card with a clue as to where the next bubble stop would be.

  A few champagnes in and the clues suddenly seemed SO hard.  

Notes from friends who are far away/knocked up/have 2 week olds where delivered with a glass of champs for our bride to be.

 And I'm still making the 'ol headbands. 

 No more pics due to the amount of "fun" in the photos.

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