Happy Holidays to you, beloved blog readers and internet!
I decorated the back of my door.

I hope your day is merry and bright! And my all your Christmases be...

NOT 80 degrees with Santa Ana Winds
[Thanks LA]

Merry Merry! 


One of the most amazing women I know gave birth to a baby girl.
Vonia is gorgeous, hilarious and pretty much one of my favorite people. 

She's also stylish. So I knit her new baby some mittens!

 This beautiful little family lives in a chic borough of Brooklyn and I thought Amelia could help hail some cabs. 

Little black Manhattan mittens with TAXI! stitched on the flip side.


I did not come up with this concept. I stole it from Kate Spade. 
But Kate makes them for grown up ladies. Not babies. 

 Amelia. You are going to have one incredible, fun and full life because your mom is amazing. 

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