This year my wrap was inspired by the Queen of Bling herself: Cartier.

Happy Holidays Everyone! 
Wishing you lots of love and Christmas cheer with family and friends! 

Now I'm off to see what Santa left for me.


Lights Up

I love lighting. I always have. I love dramatic lighting, light fixtures, chandeliers, natural lighting, most importantly... flattering lighting.

One of the first things I do when I move into a new place is swap out all of the outlet and switch plates. It's a cheap and easy way to feel fancy. 

And because sometimes you move into a high end paint job.

That photo makes me laugh.

Exciting Stuff. I'm aware. 

Other than my tiny little tip about improving electrical outlet esthetic, I'd like to share that I'm about to flip the switch on my new blog design, which I'm pretty lit up about. 

I used these from my favorite store! 

It will be the same blog about crap that I make but with a new outfit and stage name! I'm excited about upcoming posts about my new little home and holidays. 

I only wish that NYC was called the city of lights so I could make one more bad light joke... But I am pretty excited about the big blog remodel, new digs and life at the moment.

via pinterest 

Me right now. 


My very amazing friend Mary is doing something pretty incredible. 
I'm very sad she's leaving me and NYC but I am very excited for her adventure.

For the next year, she will be living, working and blogging from a 1984 Winnebago Chieftain Motorhome. She is a freelance graphic designer and event producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Using her design & event-planning superpowers, Mary's mission is to use this motorhome to shine a spotlight on cross-country creativity.

What. A. Babe.

I had to make Mary something. So I hit up vistaprint.com and made her some bumper stickers for her 'Bago. 

She is seeking artists: musicians, foodies, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, & educators who are sharing their imagination with their community. Mary will publish interviews, still photos, and short videos about the people she meets on MotorHomemade.com.

Check out her project here. 

Mary. Go get it. I'm so proud of and impressed with you! 


For the second year in a row, TOMBROW asked me to participate in their Sticky University program. They send me awesome tools to craft with and then donate art supplies to schools after I blog about it. 

Crafts in schools? Come on! Done and done.

I made Halloween cards and used the Xtreme Adhesive to adhere the candy to the card. 

Not only was it easy to use, it's a real strong bond.

This adhesive is 5 X’s Stronger than Tombrow's standard tape runner. It works on a variety of hard to glue surfaces such as cardstock, cork, wood, fabric, glass, plastic and rubber.

My creative co-hort and childhood friend Tom Lenk made a little video to show how strong it is. And added explosions. 

Watch out Michael Bay, we are hot on your heels.

Hand cut bat mailing labels!

I ended up using the adhesive to also re-enforce the envelope due to the lumpiness that the candy caused. It was an awesome solution! 

Not only did they sent me a t-shirt but they understand my love for color coordination.

Thank you so much Tombrow! Great times with a great product! 


I haven't been blogging much mainly because I fell in love with a fictional character.It got pretty serious and I had to hold up wait a minute and put a pause on binge watching The West Wing.

          Yup. I'm in love with that sweet elitist Josh Lyman. 

Why you ask? Well, let's start with the obvious. He's gorgeous.

Yeah. You.

Aside from loving Josh Lyman the character, I think Bradley Whitford is pretty much the most amazing actor ever. He just exhales those wonderfully written lines effortlessly. I mean. Sexiest throw a way lines ever. 

Are you worried about me yet? I'm worried about me.  

Please stage an intervention if you see receive a save the date for Josh and Courtney. 

My [real ] friend Mike has an astounding knowledge of television. He is incredibly smart, witty and loves The West Wing more than I do. Which is hard to do.

Mike is a writer of epic talent so I crafted him a notebook with a Sam Seaborn quote for all of his ideas that will soon grace the silver and small screens. 

It took me forever to figure this out but I printed on fabric! I bought 8.5 x 11 labels and stickered [technical term] it to the fabric [thin linen]. Cut it down. Ran it through my printer. 

Linen Front. Label Back. 

I took out the wire binding and couldn't get it back in. 

Plan B. Black Twine. 

 I definitely did not craft this for Mike to justify my addiction to a ten year old TV show. It was his birthday.

 Secret Amy Gardner quote I snuck in the middle of the notebook.

The point of this post is that your thirties are nice because you really embrace your crazy. And then blog about it on the internet.  


Years before and even after Greg, Ali was my Valentine. We would sit at the pre - remodeled Trader Vic's in Beverly Hills when it was dark, seedy, smelled like a gym locker and WONDERFUL. 

The sixty year old bar staff would bring us orchids and re-fill our bar snacks while we shared a Scorpion Bowl with our long straws. So romantic, right?

Those cherished memories prompted the theme for Ali's Bachelorette.

Proper drinking cocktail coconut containers. 

The "Mrs" headband in true Tiki form and the rum keg they "gave" us on her 23rd birthday. 

A little beach time in Marina Del REH. 

Dive Bars, Boozy Hula Hooping and an attempt to break someone's face will not be documented on the blog. 

But Mr. Magnum P.I. will be. 

Congrat's my Valentine Ali! Wedding's up next! 


If you think that I am incapable of throwing a party that is any
theme other than Mexican you are correct.

Taco Bar, Taquitos, Peach Sangria... 

And Maracas lettin' you know where to sit! 

Ali guessing Greg's answers on the Groom's Quiz:

Mango Sorbet with Cookie Sticks [All Deb].

The game was Wedding Movie Trivia. 

How does Maggie take her eggs in Runaway Bride? 

A very Carrie Bradshaw bridal shower favor.

 Coronitas with a lovely bottle opener.

And I made her a fun hat. She is so pretty. 

Ali! My whole family adores you. And your mom Sue. Congratulations and keep the celebrations coming! 

A HUGE thank you to Sue.

And a HUGE thank you to my mom and Big Sis. I can't even tell you how amazing my mom was as I bossed her around facilitated from the East Coast. And made hosting a shower in her own home so beautiful and fun. I appreciate you both very much!
 Baby Sis... you owe us. 



I slapped on my MOH badge of honor and hopped on the train to the Garden State for Ali's hometown bridal shower.

 That's not my badge but don't worry about it.  

Ali mentioned when we were wedding dress shopping she thought I could totally make a veil. Easy Peasy.

While I'm flattered that Ali completely overestimates my abilities, if I were to attempt that... it wouldn't end well.

I decided to adorn her bridal shower gift with a "veil". And that's as close as I'm going to get.
 Her present... scooting down the aisle
Scoot. Scoot. Scoot. 
I give this little gift away to you, Ali! 
We have come along way from the Lucas Sound Stage. I am so happy for you and let the bridal festivities begin! 


I bet you thought the lack of wedding related posts in addition to my old age that all my friends were married off.

Oh no. I've got lots of girls to go! 

I was ecstatic to attend Jen's upstate New York Bridal Shower.

Back Seat Crafting Concentration. 

I saw hangers on the registry and had to get them. I love color coordination in a closet! 

I shipped the hangers to her house in LA [as you do] but made her some closet accoutrement to open at the shower. 

Sachets stitched with J and V's.

In all honesty, this was a crafting fail. I had the best intentions but my craft closet is boxed up at my parents house in California, I couldn't get to a sewing machine in time and I say a big F.U. to you, fabric glue.  

The biggest challenge for me in crafting* is letting it go. I will futz with something forever and then still be unhappy with the final result. In this world of Pinterest and bloggers and professional photographers it is easy to be discouraged by what is out there and has been edited/faked/photoshopped.   


If you are thinking that the sachets don't look that bad… you should see the back. A cat could have done a better job. Seriously, so bad.   

The irony is that Jen is a friend who has taught me a lot about letting go, living in the moment, slowing down and focusing what is truly significant. 

She was beyond excited that I was blogging about my craft fail for her. 

Supportive friends are important, people. 

I am so happy for you Jen! Let the bridal festivities begin. 


I just turned thirty. 

For my little backyard 30th bash [two years ago] I made a neon sign with my monogram.

 And by "made" I mean I had the professionals at this incredible neon shop by my office at The Office do their thing.

 This pic is ridiculous. I swear I'm wearing a dress.

 That party was a fun one. Full of family and friends and the LAPD!

  Hang Over Helpers. Enough said.

Speaking of friends, my incredibly talented collaborator real life Al Borlan Christian is designing and making neon signs into something really special. So if you want one, see him!

Thirty feels good...again.

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