I have a best friend and her name is Bed. She is actually my bed but I love her like a best friend. She is so good to me. 

So I made her a skirt.

I bought 12 Birch 1 x 4's at the 'Po. They even cut them to my dimensions. Eight boards cut @ 85" and 4 boards cut @ 73".

[Bed is a Cali King]  
[Bed should really be a boy]
[I'm aware this is getting ridiculous]

Next step! 

Bare feet and you bet I had a beer next to me!

I call this "rail roadin"!
I do believe the technical term is rail roading.

I stained the 3 pieces using left over stain I had and once they dried brought them into my bedroom for assembly. 

I used metal straps to re-enforce my "rail-roading" and 
L straps to join side pieces to the front piece. 
I only did three sides so that I can still pull the "skirt" out from the wall and stuff store things underneath Bed.

Just her size! 

Now what I really need is a rug. 

And one of those Moroccan pom pom blankets.

Easy no sew bed skirt!

 Now for Christ's sake take a photography class, Courtney. 

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