I bet you thought the lack of wedding related posts in addition to my old age that all my friends were married off.

Oh no. I've got lots of girls to go! 

I was ecstatic to attend Jen's upstate New York Bridal Shower.

Back Seat Crafting Concentration. 

I saw hangers on the registry and had to get them. I love color coordination in a closet! 

I shipped the hangers to her house in LA [as you do] but made her some closet accoutrement to open at the shower. 

Sachets stitched with J and V's.

In all honesty, this was a crafting fail. I had the best intentions but my craft closet is boxed up at my parents house in California, I couldn't get to a sewing machine in time and I say a big F.U. to you, fabric glue.  

The biggest challenge for me in crafting* is letting it go. I will futz with something forever and then still be unhappy with the final result. In this world of Pinterest and bloggers and professional photographers it is easy to be discouraged by what is out there and has been edited/faked/photoshopped.   


If you are thinking that the sachets don't look that bad… you should see the back. A cat could have done a better job. Seriously, so bad.   

The irony is that Jen is a friend who has taught me a lot about letting go, living in the moment, slowing down and focusing what is truly significant. 

She was beyond excited that I was blogging about my craft fail for her. 

Supportive friends are important, people. 

I am so happy for you Jen! Let the bridal festivities begin. 


  1. I am the same way! I will keep tweaking and nit picking things until I end up ruining them with too much glitter. This crazy world has us thinking that perfection is always the standard, but we have to go easy on ourselves. Luckily we both have friends who slap the crazy Atype personality out of us once in a while :)

    1. Sarah! YES. And to ease up on ourselves as well! Keep on crafting... imperfectly!



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