If you think that I am incapable of throwing a party that is any
theme other than Mexican you are correct.

Taco Bar, Taquitos, Peach Sangria... 

And Maracas lettin' you know where to sit! 

Ali guessing Greg's answers on the Groom's Quiz:

Mango Sorbet with Cookie Sticks [All Deb].

The game was Wedding Movie Trivia. 

How does Maggie take her eggs in Runaway Bride? 

A very Carrie Bradshaw bridal shower favor.

 Coronitas with a lovely bottle opener.

And I made her a fun hat. She is so pretty. 

Ali! My whole family adores you. And your mom Sue. Congratulations and keep the celebrations coming! 

A HUGE thank you to Sue.

And a HUGE thank you to my mom and Big Sis. I can't even tell you how amazing my mom was as I bossed her around facilitated from the East Coast. And made hosting a shower in her own home so beautiful and fun. I appreciate you both very much!
 Baby Sis... you owe us. 



I slapped on my MOH badge of honor and hopped on the train to the Garden State for Ali's hometown bridal shower.

 That's not my badge but don't worry about it.  

Ali mentioned when we were wedding dress shopping she thought I could totally make a veil. Easy Peasy.

While I'm flattered that Ali completely overestimates my abilities, if I were to attempt that... it wouldn't end well.

I decided to adorn her bridal shower gift with a "veil". And that's as close as I'm going to get.
 Her present... scooting down the aisle
Scoot. Scoot. Scoot. 
I give this little gift away to you, Ali! 
We have come along way from the Lucas Sound Stage. I am so happy for you and let the bridal festivities begin! 

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