For the second year in a row, TOMBROW asked me to participate in their Sticky University program. They send me awesome tools to craft with and then donate art supplies to schools after I blog about it. 

Crafts in schools? Come on! Done and done.

I made Halloween cards and used the Xtreme Adhesive to adhere the candy to the card. 

Not only was it easy to use, it's a real strong bond.

This adhesive is 5 X’s Stronger than Tombrow's standard tape runner. It works on a variety of hard to glue surfaces such as cardstock, cork, wood, fabric, glass, plastic and rubber.

My creative co-hort and childhood friend Tom Lenk made a little video to show how strong it is. And added explosions. 

Watch out Michael Bay, we are hot on your heels.

Hand cut bat mailing labels!

I ended up using the adhesive to also re-enforce the envelope due to the lumpiness that the candy caused. It was an awesome solution! 

Not only did they sent me a t-shirt but they understand my love for color coordination.

Thank you so much Tombrow! Great times with a great product! 

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