This year my wrap was inspired by the Queen of Bling herself: Cartier.

Happy Holidays Everyone! 
Wishing you lots of love and Christmas cheer with family and friends! 

Now I'm off to see what Santa left for me.


Lights Up

I love lighting. I always have. I love dramatic lighting, light fixtures, chandeliers, natural lighting, most importantly... flattering lighting.

One of the first things I do when I move into a new place is swap out all of the outlet and switch plates. It's a cheap and easy way to feel fancy. 

And because sometimes you move into a high end paint job.

That photo makes me laugh.

Exciting Stuff. I'm aware. 

Other than my tiny little tip about improving electrical outlet esthetic, I'd like to share that I'm about to flip the switch on my new blog design, which I'm pretty lit up about. 

I used these from my favorite store! 

It will be the same blog about crap that I make but with a new outfit and stage name! I'm excited about upcoming posts about my new little home and holidays. 

I only wish that NYC was called the city of lights so I could make one more bad light joke... But I am pretty excited about the big blog remodel, new digs and life at the moment.

via pinterest 

Me right now. 

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