It's time to talk about Tile.
This was what my kitchen looked like when I moved in to my spacious  abode. 

Because I can see it from pretty much anywhere in the apartment... I felt it needed a little face lift. 

There will be a full [ha] kitchen reveal but for right now we are talkin about back splashes. 

Renters. Remodelistas. Tile Lovers who don't care to learn the ins and outs of grout. I have the coolest and easiest thing on earth for you. 

I am absolutely obsessed with Smart Tiles from the 'Po. It was so easy and fun to use.

It's a great removable tile option for renters. 

Part of me worried I would feel cheap/fake with the fact that I stickered my kitchen but it ended up looking so good and being so easy it doesn't bug me one bit.

And it was so fun!

My Maison Midi Salt and Pepa shakers guarding the great orange Hermes.

This is just a sneak peak/I haven't finished the kitchen yet. Excited to share some more with you!

Bring on the cheap and easy. 

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