Christmas Eve morning, Larry presented Corie a box of Dom Perignon knowing she would immediately want to pop that bubbly and begin the celebration. 

To Corie's surprise, she opened the box to reveal a little box of major engagement ring bling. 

A pretty sweet and chill [ed] proposal for an equally sweet and chill couple. 

Corie is kind, clever, crazy funny and incredibly compassionate. She is also the most laid back person I know. 

In the group text of her new rock, she exclaimed "I'm going to be the biggest Bridezilla ever. And it is going to be awesome".

It is Corie. IT IS.  

I made her this card to go with her new attitude and wrapped up a little Chanel "Vamp" nail polish so that her new nightmare bride nails can always be manicured.

Not only does VAMP go along with my card theme but it reminds me of the time Corie and I were getting our nails done before we boarded our flight to the Bahamas for Meg's wedding. 

 Charissa Thompson, Me and Miss Corie Best
Corie thought dark nails would look great with our gold gowns. She was right, but first cardinal rule of bridesmaidsing, you'd don't go rouge with nail color. 

Meg wasn't answering her phone so we did what any good bridesmaid would do and tracked her down.  The spa paged Meg out of her pre wedding weekend appointment so we could ask her approval. Poor Meg was out of breath and panicked when she answered the call at the landline at Bliss because she was worried it was an emergency.

I mean, it was an emergency.

Of course Meg was completely on board with it and totally appreciated  our tenacity in asking.

The only shot of the nails. And my subtle arm accessories. 

So then yesterday... THIS happened. 
Champagne creativity? Get outta here! BEST. EVER. 

Corie! I am SO excited and honored to be your bridesmaid. Let the Bridal festivities commence!

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