It was time for Tiffany's little birthday bash and because the only person who rocks a red lip more often than Tiffany is Taylor Swift... we went with that idea and ran with it.

Meg and  Ry threw the party...I just interjected some ideas and crafts. It was a little last minute [sh!] so everything came from our second favorite local party store or Amazon

Our favorite party store burned down in the Village a few years ago and we were pretty devastated. Thankfully no one was harmed but the excellent selection of party crap didn't make it out in time. We've evolved into amazon priming party animals. 

We ordered up some red lip balloons:

And I decorated my coffee because I literally thought the lyric was to all my "Starbucks Lovers". [I am NOT alone in this]
Party Favors to wipe your eyes if you cry because you've got a blank space.
Or because you're older and less successful than this little one...

Meg had a great idea for lipstick messages on the bathroom mirrors and I cut lips out of construction paper for some fun straw sipping. 

Pretty easy party idea, right? B.Y. O. Kennedy and high waisted bikini bottom.

Happy Taylor Swifty Birthday Tiff! Shake off 27 and bring on 28! 

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