These are going to show back up again with the rest of Miss Best's Bachelorette post but I was too impatient excited to share to wait. Oh what gets me going is so nerdy.

Plus it's now Summer time so who ISN'T thinking about lip balm?!


I bought chapsticks for everyone Miami bound for the Bachelorette.

Peeled off of the label.

Pulled Microsoft WORD [fancy] on my mac and printed everyone's names on a clear mailing label. I actually printed at the place formerly known as Kinkos because my apartment is too tiny for extravagances like printers.

Slapped those stickers on the chapsticks! 
[Trim the edges to fit]
P.S. The "Broadway" is a super close [free font] to the MIAMI VICE font. 

Hey guys... 

Do I need a manicure? 

And Miami VICE viola! Custom Chapsticks for the Best Bachelorette! 

Now I have go finish off the rest of the crew's! 

Hope everyone is kickin' off Summer by soaking up lots of sunshine and keeping those kissers moisturized.

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