We made a tote for Teds! Annie has WAY too many tote bags but I decided that her son Teddy needed one.
To take his snacks to the park in. 

I bought the letterman "T" at M & J Trimming and bought the same tote from American Apparel that I used for my bunny bag

I intended to sew it on the flight. That didn't happen and when I landed - my amazing Aunt Wanee had a closet full of crafting supplies including fabric glue. 

It didn't stay so don't use Aleene's Original on canvas/waxy plasticy backing. 
[Which I found out later is heat-sealer adhesive -smart, real smart] 

Sunday morning I handed it to Jules with a helpless "Can you help me sew this?" 

I totally could have done it but she did it SEW much better than I would have plus I love a collaborative effort. Wink. 

Enjoy your tote to hold your toys and your snacks, Teds! 

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