I love being prepared. LOVE IT. Please don't ever surprise me because my heart can't handle it.

And I like to help my friends who are taking the plunge be prepared for the big day.

I also like to craft with a big ol' glass of wine. Or Whiskey. Who doesn't?

I was prettttttyy bummed about not being able to attend Jules' Laurel Canyon bridal shower. Living on the opposite coast of can pose some problems at times. I wrapped up and sent her shower gift off to Annie's.
And waited for them to FaceTime me from the festivities.

Jules is not only a talented actress but the girl can cross stitch so fiercely that she can do portraits with strong resemblances and mermaids and microphones!

I am not that solid of a cross-stitcher so I kept it simple for her Oh Shit Kit.

I also mentioned that I was going to make a garter just in case I committed to doing so.

[I did. ]

It was Jules' own idea to use the navy velvet ribbon from her bachelorette and shower gift wrap. I told you she was crafty and creative.

I kept it simple using this tutorial I found on Pinterest.

I can't wait to see who catches that garter because they will be getting married next! Because that is not only logical but realistic. 

I cannot even sit still in excitement for Jules and Ben's wedding. I am so excited to celebrate them and also be prepared with the black socks that I always bring for the boys. 

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