I mention it every year and I'm bragging but we still get Easter Baskets.  And they're fabulous because the Easter Bunny shops at Barney's.

This year I wanted to make a little treats for the Easter Bunny Jed and Deb.

I found these adorable mini white pots and filled it with Deb's favorite Easter candy. Selecting only the green to look like grass. Then I rolled up lotto tickets to look like carrots.

Wahh Waaa.

They really don't look like carrots at all. It was kinda a bust of a craft.

Even all the lotto tickets were losers so this really just went south.

Sometimes the idea just doesn't pan out the way you want it to/some crafts are not conducive to air travel. But you know what? Crafting and life go hand in hand in that way. 

The great thing about parents is that they have to love ALL your crafts. Even the duds.

Happy Easter everyone! 

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