It's been so long since I blogged the documentation of my arts and craft life that Blogger has updated its operating system. I doubt it's called an operating system but since I'm the class of 2000 that's what it is to me.

Now for some backlogged bloggering about... BACHELORETTES!

Back in April... we threw Baby Sis a Bachelorette in Napa.

It was a dream. 

Hangover Helpers for wine tasting aftermath.

Lots. Of. Wine. "Tasting". 

Instead of making her my normal MRS headband... I went downtown to my secret spot and went straight up tiara. And tossed that MRS on a sweater. 

But with a bow... because it's Britti! 

Tiaras and Spa Treatments

She was dying for one of those amazing Eugenia Kim hats but because I'm a cheap sister... I made her this poor man's version instead. THATHATIS475.00.

I love you Baby Sis! Your bachelorette was a huge success and so sweet and so fun... just like you!


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